A company wanted to know if there were online closed forums in Japan that specific professionals gather. We checked with insiders of the industry and found it just does not exist.

An individual wanted to purchase and bring back a discontinued model of machinery equipment in Japan. We rang a couple of toolshops including the one actually modified the current model to work like the discontinued model. We learned that no second-hand available in the market, not worth looking for in Japan. We suggested that the person talks to the authorized distributor of the manufacture of the equipment in his country and modify by himself. The toolshop kindly posted a way to modify in their blog.

An importer was looking to purchase very popular motor-cycle equipment. We spoke with the workers in the industry and heard that if he wants a stable supply, price is not met. If the importer insist on the target price, the supply will not be stable.

We will be paid per work done. However we do not beat around the bush to drag anything longer. We say we could not find it, here is the result and the situation. This is how we are trusted and partnered to do the job continuously.