A business owner in North America was looking for a particular a medical doctor in Japan. He knew the doctor’s name, place of work and specialty. This is because his business was based on this doctor’s work. His idea was to see what they can accomplish in the hope for co-operation.

Name was given, and we did a online search.

We found his e-mail address, website of his work place.
Put together in a report and sent to the business owner.

It looked to us, he might have been tricked by the clinic’s name since it seems like a general term for any clinic in Japan. But it was actually the real name of the clinic. However this does not come up on Google as it is only the translation of the name in Japanese.

What happened afterwards was the website is not opening up, the personal e-mail kicked back not deliverable.
But at last, from the work e-mail address, he received a very kind reply from the doctor.

This was completely a one-off work but we were so happy to help a person overseas who wanted to contact a doctor in Japan for years but never successful.