We, Masa Consulting International, will act on your behalf as sales representatives to look
for distributors, retailers and follow up with the orders and projects.
For the leads that are created at the trade shows in Japan, we are more than happy to chase
them after you leave Japan.

Our service will help with your first steps in the new market.
We will contact the potential clients by e-mails and phones.
We will translate your work and present to the prospect customers.
We can travel to meet them and represent your business.
(Note that every action costs. Sales commission-only scheme is not accepted.)



The biggest advantage we have compared to others is we know international way as well as
Japanese way of doing business. The director has more than 7 years of career in
Melbourne and the partner has worked for 20 years in both Melbourne and Cairns.

Simple things for someone in Japan who can act independently but a little
too hard to do from remote location.
Our service is completely independent that we work for you, we do not
favor any buyers/distributors.
You can still work with us even after appointing distributors as they may
not tell you everything.

Also a big problem that the businesses have when testing the market in Japan is
the effort does not last.
We have seen many companies stop trying despite the huge amount of the budget they
spent exhibiting at trade shows in Tokyo.
What we have learned was this is the major cause of the failure.
It’s not the prices, it’s not the products, it’s just people forget when they fly out from Tokyo.
The advantage of appointing us is you do not lose the momentum even after the show.

So Independent, Momentum and Know-how.
These are the reasons we are the right partners for you.