Need to test your product in Japan?
Required for import or sales in the country?
You have reached the right contact!

Have no issue in other countries?
Japan has one of the strictest laws in the world and your test
report from elsewhere labs and the great sales records in most of
the cases do not apply.
And your Japanese friend will think it’s too overwhelming and will not
be able to assist you.

Talk to us professionals.

We’ll take over as an authorized agent.
We’ll talk to the authority and the lab to get down to the bottom
of the real deal.
We’ll find more facts in 15 minutes than what your Japanese friend
Kazu san would find in 3 weeks.


If you don’t ask the right questions, you continue to hit the brick wall.
It’s important that you ask the right questions to the right person in order
to find the way around.
As in many cases, your product may not be approved to import or sell as is.
But if you approach them from the wrong direction, it’s always simple
“No, not allowed” answers that you’d think it’s impossible to do business in
The lab or the authority sometimes can’t be bothered kindly explaining you
the full detail of the law. Straight forward NO is really short and fast
so they get on to the other important tasks.

So send us a message for coordinating the test in Japan.
We will work something out for you.