When you wish to order in bulk quantity from Japanese suppliers and
not restricting to just manufacturers but don’t know who to
contact and how to find them.
We have a solution for you.

Unless you have specific product in mind by a particular supplier in mind,
whether you are looking for stationary, toys, or baby nappies,
it’s best to deal with wholesalers that can export to you in a large qty.

Let me tell you honestly, normally manufacturers have their own policies and
unlikely deal with one-off customer like you.
And the suppliers are always monitored and warned by the manufacturers if
they export out of their agreement, they may be punished.
The supplier you have found on the internet may be a total con.

We have access to a closed online forum called the Business Mall.
Business Mall

This is hosted by Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Only members are allowed to register.
We are members.
Overseas businesses cannot be members.

Instead of google searching with limited keywords and send individual messages
to each unknown suppliers, why don’t we post it over on the forum and let the
proposals flow in?

At least the the suppliers are the members of the local chamber of commerce and
industry that very limited chance that you face frauds.

You’d be surprised, everyone is watching the forum.
You’d be blown away, there are so many suppliers willing to break the manufacturer’s


We have helped so many buyers especially in Asian countries.
One time there was a Japanese accountant that wanted to help her Hong Kong friend
who wanted to import KAWAII stationaries from Japan.
She knew about the strict policy imposed by the manufacturers and she didn’t know
what to do.
I told her the way.
She personally sent me a thank you letter later as she could not believe she received
so many proposals. She was virtually fixed to her computer for almost 2 full days just
replying to all the suppliers who sent the proposals.

With one post, we at least receive 5 different proposals.
We assess each and short list the ones that are most preferred.
You can come or you pay us to go and meet them.
With the ones we became confident with, let the business roll.

Be assured, we only take fixed research fee from you.
The charge is for:
finding, communicating and making appointments with wholesalers.
online communication and phone calls. If travel is involved, actual fee is charged extra.
my time spent and using my experience/skill, they are not for successful results.

Duration is 20 working days or 30 calendar days including Sat, Sun and Holiday whichever is longer.

So what are you waiting for?