(a) The background of a problem
Mr. Robin Tan is the General Director of Cam Resources Singapore.


Cam Resources Pte Ltd established in 2004. With 20 years of experience in the connectors making industry.
Cam Resources provide precision tooling for mold and die. Specializes on providing design, build, mass produce and final packing for marketing to the worldwide market. Their products are for Electronics, Automobile, Consumer durables and other manufacturing oriented sectors.
Cam Resources Pte Ltd set up Cam International Co., Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in June 2016. At the moment there are 4 CNC machines. 1 Turning, 2 milling and 1 wire-cut. With supporting machines NC surface grinding machine, super drill machine and bandsaw. Measuring instruments digital vernier caliper and micrometer, pins and slips gauges, master height gauge, dial indicator. Will increase capacity of machines and measuring equipment in times to come to fulfill customer requirement.


(b) The problem itself
The reason for setting up a factory in Ho Chi Minh City was the pressures from the existing customers mainly Japanese manufacturers. Though it’s early stage and still new machines coming in, needed to act now to fill up the plant with orders. Ever since the foundation, their main customers were always Japanese factories based in Thailand and Vietnam. Their quality meets Japanese standard and they knew Japanese manufacturers are great customers. The best possible plan was to come to Japan and have meetings with prospect clients. But how?

That was when Cam Resources found Masa Consulting International on Jetro TTPP platform.

Japan External Trade Organization
Trade Tie-up Promotion Program
International Business Matching Site

There Masa Consulting Intl was offering One Stop Solution for International Business Visitors to Japan.

(c) A plan for solving the problem
The issue was, even if Mr Robin Tan comes to Japan for one full week, might not able to collect enough companies to fill-up the schedule. Japanese companies in general are very skeptical about business cultures from overseas. Masa Consulting Intl attend buyers from overseas in Japan and it’s almost unbelievable how many people refuse to meet the genuine customers willing to pay for the Japanese services and products. Let alone the sellers.

But then Mr Robin Tan replied back, “for a start I am willing to travel to Japan to visit potential clients even if it is 1 or 2 of them.” This meant that he was coming to Japan paying for airfare, accommodation, transportation, the labor fees and all the rest just even for one meeting.

Then everything was serious.


(d) The application of the solution
With a full respect to such great spirit, we were obliged to answer with bigger return. No way that we see Mr Robin Tan at the airport exit and tell him that we were only going to see one company. That would be a disgrace to our reputation.

As a strategy, instead of approaching as a seller, we looked for Japanese molds & dies manufacturers who were looking for partners overseas.

First thought of reaching the customers directly but as being a new face, that may not be a good idea. The messages could simply be ignored. As it might be understood easily that no one likes “being sold to”.

But if we could show them their benefit by cooperating with Cam Resources, we’d have more chances for the future leads.

Telling them that Cam Resources could partner with them to expand their business in Vietnam, we were sure they’d listen. By approaching rather indirectly via partner companies, this would be a first step to crack into the market.

(e) The result
Good face-to-face meetings with total 9 organizations in various cities in Japan.
3 organizations to meet again in Ho Chi Minh in the following month.
2 businesses will come and visit the factory of Cam Resources in Ho Chi Minh.
2 buyer companies from Osaka to meet in Ho Chi Minh.

One company was ready to shake hands and place tons of orders with Mr Robin Tan. The president of the company said, he was looking for someone exactly like Cam Resources to partner with in Vietnam. Since the first contact via e-mail, they were anxiously waiting for our visit. This is because they had so many customers in Vietnam and Thailand that ask for the modification (due to their own reason) oover delivered products in Vietnam they were looking for a factory that can do it locally, instead of sending back to Japan. Hence that will be cheaper and quicker turn-around time. Bright future waits for Cam Resources business in Vietnam with Japanese partner companies.

As a side story… Until Mr Robin Tan saw our director Masaya Nagayasu at the exit of Kansai Intl Airport where he disembarked the airplane, he feared that we would not show up and might have to spend one full week in Japan on his own. Before the departure to Japan his business partners told him that if we don’t appear, he can take one-week holiday in Japan since he hasn’t had one for a long time. We were very grateful of his trust and it was our great pleasure helping your business expand in Japan!