Jetro TTPP (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program) is there to support international
partnership between Japanese companies and Overseas companies.

Jetro (Japan External Trade Organization) is a Japan Government Agency
under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
It aims to contribute to further development of the Japanese economy and society
through trade and investment promotion and developing countries research.

The website TTPP is free to register and list.

Many businesses listed from both Japan and Overseas.
Very frequent exchanging of inquiries and orders.
Just counted but there were more than 15,000 listings just by overseas businesses.


Among those listed, there are Selling but also Buying.
And can list business support service like ours.

We have made a good reference within 3 months!

But one thing you need to be aware is even though there is screening
at the time of register/list, Jetro does not verify entirely the business.
Thus there may be people committing fraud sending you a message.
If there is a doubt over the inquiry, please be extra careful.