We know a Japanese carpenter that can speak English.
In fact, he is a very good friend of our director.

At any exhibitions in Japan, if your booth is with proper design and architecture,
you would definitely wish to speak with the on-site carpenters directly.
What to come where first. The last minute change. Things on the drawing but
not there in the actual location.

Yes, there may be an interpreter around but the person may not be there
when you need the quick interpretation.


He is a carpenter by profession but also an enthusiastic djembe, conga,
cajon, bongo, and some percussionist.
He is one of few Japanese professional carpenters that can speak English.
His expertise lies in house furnishing but also goes into trade show set-ups.
More than half of his clients are non-Japanese that live in Kansai area (Osaka and surround).
This is quite extraordinary for any carpenters in Japan.

You can see one of his works in Osaka Salon, a bar owned by a French man.
Osaka Salon

Talk to us if you are looking for such carpenter.
We’ll see if he is available to come to your site.