Are you a foreign national want to visit Japan to do first marketing research
but the VISA issue is blocking?
You do not have any buyers/distributors/sellers/exporters in Japan that you
can’t ask anyone to back-up your visit plan?
But you want to come here to look for them?
And thinking “how can we find them if we can’t visit?”
Is your business fully established with good sales history?
Can you specify an industry and an exhibition that you would like to visit and meet people?
Do you have a legitimate reason to temporary visit Japan for business purpose?

If all of above apply to your case, we may be able to help.

We can become your business partner here and with proper multi-months contracts
and verifying process, we can be the inviting party.

Be sure that all the information is transparent as embassies/consulate-generals will
ask for the same supporting documents.


Note: Visa grant is completely up to Embassies/Consulate-generals discretion and
we reserve the right to refuse any application.